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Why have we opened our Club?

We are ready to share our language knowledge, business experience and all necessary information with you.

At our language training course we pay much attention to the speaking skills and help to avoid psychological barrier.

Business- service is provided in complete confidentiality according to the Agreement.

Our Guides will be glad to meet you in Minsk and make you feel easy travelling across Belarus.

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
-Benjamin Franklin

Business Service

  • Business English training course
  • Specialized corporate in-house English trainings (logistics, import, export, customs)
  • Regional Marketing Research
  • Suppliers/Importers search (Asia, Europe, Belarus regions).
  • Help in business negotiations, contract discussions
  • Translation services
  • Support in participation in local Belarusian Exhibitions
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English Speaking Guide

  • Meeting at the airport (at the station)
  • Booking hotel, accommodation at the hotel
  • 24/7 informational support
  • Travelling in Minsk (Belarus) with English speaking guide
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Language training course for children

Our main goal is to make children speak English easily. The main course consists of basic grammar rules, thematic active vocabulary, listening comprehension and training in reading and pronunciation. Audio and video materials will be used to train and improve speaking skills. Our training course suggests an individual approach. Every child will be focused on.

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English language course for adults

Our main goal is to fresh up your passive knowledge, to avoid psychological barrier, to make you feel easy speaking foreign language. Audio and video materials will be used to train and improve speaking skills. All lessons are made as an active communication on given subject(ex: “booking a hotel”, “visit to a drug store”, etc.)

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